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Here at the Pandemonium Club, our aim is to introduce you to many of the best bands in the UK Metal scene, not only with Metal legends like Onslaught and Anihilated, but also with up and coming acts from around our fair island. From the opening band right up to the headlining act, these musicians have been carefully chosen to showcase their considerable talents to an eager audience.

We would like to give you a taster of some of these acts, not to mention some of those who we have been lucky enough to have graced the Pandemonium Club's stage, so feel free to take a look at them in our Bands page.

To see what we have coming up, take a look at our Events page. This page will showcase any forthcoming Pandemonium Club shows, be they an evening spectacular or a weekend extravaganza.

It's not all about us though. When we see festivals and events that have the same appreciation of all types of Metal that we do - be it Thrash, Death, Doom, Power or whatever flavour we have a hankering for - we'll tip you off where you can find these gems in our Recommended Events.

For prosperity, we'll keep a record of the events that we have on or have recommended in our previous events section.

If you want to know what's happening at the P Club, if we've heard any gossip from some of the bands we have hosted here or even if there's something that has caught our eye which we think is worth sharing with you, we'll have it on our News page.

We also like to let you know about some of our chums who we can heartily recommend for instruments, radio shows or even (gasp) other musical events. You'll find them all on our Links page.

Finally, should you want to see why we do this, have a look at our About Us page where you'll be able to see what drives us and our Contact page, if you want to drop us a line.

Whether you are here as a first time visitor, or back as one of our many supporters, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to look at our site, and we hope to see you at the club at our next event.

See you at the front!

The Pandemonium Club

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