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The Chain #1

7th October 2013

Here's a new series of articles that we, from The Pandemonium Club having working on; tonight we present The Chain.

The aim of The Chain is to talk to one of the bands we love so much here, and ask them to recommend another up and coming act that has tickled their fancy, plus a track they think best encapsulate what they do. In turn, we will ask them to suggest another of their peers plus a song for your delectation and then we shall ask them for a recommendation and then we shall do the same again and again, to give you a taste of the best Metal acts that Great Britain has to offer.

Here at The Pandemonium Club, we are delighted to begin The Chain with a phenomenal band that, I personally believe, have the potential to make the big time, and who we have been lucky enough to have graced The P Club stage already, Bull-Riff Stampede.

Bull-Riff Stampede

West country based Bull-Riff Stampede, having recently ploughed the metal fields of Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Festivals, are currently tracking their second full album to be titled 'Enraging The Beast' - Their debut album 'Scatter The Ground' has been incredibly well received.

This release along with very heavy live shows have driven the band very rapidly from Download Festival 2011 onto sharing billings with Sepultura, Evile, Onslaught, Grand Magus, Desecration amongst many others.

You can experience more of Bull-Riff Stampede through these links:


The boys even have an entry on our Pandemonium Club Band page.

"To kick this chain off, I'm having to say let's start with the band 'CAMBION'.

"Its the most played over the last few months of all the cd's going in the player - The Most recent release is called 'Virus' - its a 5 part classic!! Can't stop playing it - really well written songs, cool guitar and drum stuff, bass is well done, good vocals throughout including really good clean vocals in places too - can only describe it as a Carcass and Fear Factory influenced Meshuggah crossed by a bit of Rush.

Really this should be heard complete start to finish to hear it all in context - Though having to pick one for this, I'm going for 'VIRUS PART V - RESURRECTION', but really, as i said - the full thing parts 1-5 is the best way to hear it."

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