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The Chain #2

21st October 2013

Here's the second of our series called The Chain.

Just to recap, the aim of The Chain is to talk to one of the bands we love so much here, and ask them to recommend another up and coming act that has tickled their fancy, plus a track they think best encapsulate what they do. In turn, we will ask them to suggest another of their peers plus a song for your pleasure and then we shall ask them for a recommendation and then we'll do the same again and again, to give you a taste of the best Metal acts that Great Britain has to offer.

The band that started this whole thing off, Bull-Riff Stampede, selected Devon-based Cambion and their track, Virus Part V: Resurrection for the first link on The Chain.


Formed in late 2009, Cambion strive to set themselves apart from the genres of metal to create their own individual style, based on influences such as Meshuggah, Fear Factory and Divine Heresy.

October 2010 saw them tour with US rockers Fozzy fronted by WWE star Chris Jericho, and a release of the 'City of Ember' EP, through Board Stiff Records. It was highly received and although the physical CD is long sold out, it is available digitally via iTunes and Amazon.

March 2011 saw them play Wizzfest in Belgium alongside Blaze Bayley followed by a very busy 2012, including a Second EP 'Last Rites' which was nominated as 'Best EP of 2012' as the Southwest Music Awards.

Their single 'Death March' featured on Metal Hammer's May covermounted CD, and a win at the South Western 'Metal to The Masses' competition resuled in a slot at Bloodtstock that year. Finally, they rounded of the year with their most recent EP, 'Virus' and a video for #Virus Part IV' at the Exeter Zombie Ball.

With 'Virus' been even more highly received than its predecessors, 2013 has seen Cambion appear at UK Tech-Fest and the German Euroblast festival, not to mention a headlining tour of the UK.



"We recommend CRYOSTORM as another up and coming band, also their track 'APOCRYPHA'; this track is full of groove and riffs a plenty!.

"It is a story told in perfect harmony with passion and aggression. The track draws you in from the very first pounding drum beat to the very end; metal at it's finest!"

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