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The Chain #3

11th November 2013

Here's the third of our series called The Chain.

Just to recap, the aim of The Chain is to talk to one of the bands we love so much here, and ask them to recommend another up and coming act that has tickled their fancy, plus a track they think best encapsulate what they do. In turn, we will ask them to suggest another of their peers plus a song for your pleasure and then we shall ask them for a recommendation and then we'll do the same again and again, to give you a taste of the best Metal acts that Great Britain has to offer.

Last time on The Chain, the Southwestern quartet, Cambion gave us Cryostorm and their track Apochrypha.


Formed in 2007 in Devon, England, Cryostorm deliver a blizzard of metal that is as beautiful and melodic as it heavy and intense. Having shared venues such as Bloodstock festival and London's O2 Arena with many of the biggest names in the business, the quartet continue to make a name for themselves with their phrenetic live shows and seldom matched technical virtuosity.

2013 marks the release of their long awaited debut album 'Version' featuring 11 slabs of what could be called the heaviest yet most melodic metal you can get. This album encapsulates the beginning of the band's career and sets the scene for the upcoming second album. Have you heard the intelligently bright, beautiful and brutal melodic powerhouse that is Cryostorm?

Website: www.cryostorm.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CryostormBand

"We've chosen Lost In Conflict, and their song 'Second Best'.

"It has an awesome intro and an awesome groove to it. The vocals are awesome and the middle 8 section is really good, the recording quality isn't brilliant, but the song itself is ace! all of the songs are brilliant to be fair; these guys are worth seeing live.""

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