An Interview with DJ Valkyrie (Part 1)

18th November 2013

Another vital ingredient in the music scene to enable fans and bands to find one another is the work of the DJ.

DJs get bands that might never be able to afford to tour near you and they give them some airplay so you can hear them. With this exposure, the greater the chance for a promoter to hear them and maybe give them a slot on a show. DJ’s are the grease that keep the wheels moving in the metal scene and as such we thought that we should help you get to know them. We thought it would be a good idea to speak to one of our favourites; DJ Valkyrie.

DJ Valkyrie

Q: Was Djing your first venture into the spotlight?

A: Yes, I am a very outgoing person, always have been. I did not really think of my show as putting me in the spotlight though. Even though I am outgoing, I never wanted to be centre of attention. To me, this show has always been about the bands; after all, they are the stars! I want my show to grow, because that means more people will be listening to the bands I support.

If I take a picture when I am out at show with a band, it’s not because I love my picture taken, because I sure the hell don't! I take them because I want to say 'hey, I went to this show and have seen this awesome band'. In other words, my picture is like 'get out to that damn show; stop sitting on your ass and support'! That is also why I take pictures in the band's shirts and I buy of the CDs. It’s all like 'hey look at this great stuff; you need some to'.

Q: How nervous were you about your first broadcast/gig?

A: Nervous? That's an understatement; I was scared as hell, more like! I remember saying um, um, um, so many times, I lost track of them. After the show though, I thought damn, now that was fun, let’s do it again! I have been at it almost 7 years now, it’s in my blood and it’s an infection that I don’t see going away. Do I still get nervous? Yes, all time. Do I make mistakes? All the time!

I started doing interviews, about a year or so after I started the show and I still get nervous doing them. It’s funny though, it seems like almost every bands I have interviewed has asked to return, so maybe I am doing it right.

Q: How much behind the scenes technical wizardry needs to go on that the average fan doesn't get to know about?

A: Basically it’s a program that lets you broadcast, called SAM. I am not the most technical sort of girl and I was taught to use it. I could help someone with the basics but anything more would have to come from someone better at it than me.

Q: How much money have you spent on necessary equipment other than CDs?

A: I’m not totally sure of all cost, truth be told and not everyone that wanted to do what I do, would have to spend all I did. I wanted my show to always be good for those who tuned in. I have purchased 2 computers in the last 7 years. The second one was built for me, so that it was even better for broadcasting; more RAM, better processor, sound card etc. I bought an external hard drive for storing music, a mixer and a good microphone and I have the highest speed internet access I can get. As I said, not everyone has to get all that I did; most don't, but it’s very rare for me to have issues while streaming. The mixer and good mic means I sound good and helps with interviews; I guess this would be in the technical part, but the mixer makes it so everything comes through my computer for the interviews. So, unless Skype has a glitch those interview sound like they in same room with me.

We will continue our interview with DJ Valkyrie next week.

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Article written by Pandemonium Tom, November 2013

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