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23rd December 2013

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So, as we draw ever closer to the end of the year, we thought we would share with you a few of our friends' top three favourite albums of 2013, not to mention the records that have turned our heads too.


Mark White, Bass and Vocals, Warlord

"New Model Army - Between Dog and Wolf. Favourite Track - March In September
As a loyal fan of New Model Army from the beginning, this album still captures everything NMA stood for, and in my opinion, there is a lyric for everyone in their songs.

Necroriser - Violent. Favourite Track - Suicide Scriptures.
Necroriser are Brazilian Thrash, and that is all that's needed here; they are awesome!!

Carcass - Surgical Steel. Favourite Track - Unfit for Human Consumption.
One of the best bands that graced this earth, Carcass are pure quality."


Pete Williamson, Bass, Anubis

"Pre Med - Einstein's Day Off. Favourite Track : Cern
In my opinion, this is the best Space Rock Album of the year. Whilst been blatantly back to their Space Rock Roots, it had modern elements to it and I also think Danny Faulkner is the best front man in the space rock world.

Warlord - We Die As One. Favourite Track - Masses Gather in Masses
I was involved with recording and production of this album from beginning to end, I love the way Warlord have not lost their punch but added in subtle you might even say a Space Rock feel .. is that my influence on Mark? I don't know but I'm not complaining!

Re- Master of Budgie's - Deliver Us From Evil. Favourite Track - Hold Onto Love
Having worked as Budgie's PR manager for many years, I love this band. They have influenced many, and Metallica and Soundgarden cover some of their songs. This album showed a more commercial side of Budgie by using Keys etc. I am a person who whole heartedly believes in commercialism because if you want to make Music your day job you have to appeal to the masses."


Pete Dee, Guitar and Vocals, Kremated

"Onslaught - VI
I don't think anyone was quite prepared for this album, the words "New Onslaught album" are guaranteed to pique peoples interest, but they have got this album so right, SO RIGHT, I think this is probably the best Thrash release of 2013 in my humble opinion, it is so damn heavy, yet performed with such precision, they have proved this when playing the new tunes live. And it doesn't have to be 1000MPH with gutteral vocals to be heavy, there is just this feeling throughout the album that the world is going to implode.

Voivod - Target Earth
Back on track after a short period of experimentation, this album has really grabbed me. New ideas, amazing guitar work from Dan Mongrain (and Blacky's "blower bass" grit is back where it belongs), but still retaining so much of the familiar signature sound we expect from Voivod, even without Piggy (RIP) doing the lions share of the writing. Just goes to show after 30 years, they will never run out of steam, they will just continue to evolve.

Anihilated - i-Deviant
Another band from the old days, but this time active again after a seemingly endless hiatus. Their comeback was a good solid set of tunes, but this one seems to have got all the fire back, and has that essential nastiness and righteous fury that so many Thrash outfits seem to lack these days. Bile filled aggression that hits you like a runaway truck, and most of the lyrics can be more directly related to than (say) more songs about the Devil.


Si Cobb, Bass and Vocals, Anhilated

"Black Sabbath - 13
It's Black frikkin Sabbath!!!

Onslaught -VI
Almost perfection. Some generic elements, but that's not important; why these guys aren't at slayer status is beyond me and they need to play the UK with us!!!

Wretched Soul - Veronica
My personal favourite album this year, I love these guys as friends, as well as a band. They're lovely people, who I cannot fault. Great fans of the music, and I really can't say enough! Honourable mentions to Warlord UK, Rezinwolf and Kremated."


Dave Garnett, Guitar and Vocals & Jay Walsh, Guitar, Bull-Riff Stampede

"Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent

Jessie back on vocals and sounding really good

Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack
Some mega heavy tracks on this one

Collapse - Arms & the Covenant
A brilliant album by a good heavy UK band"

"Carcass - Surgical Steel
I've been waiting for another Carcass album for years, and this is a quality comeback

Black Sabbath - 13
For the same reasons really; when something is highly anticipated its normally a let down, but this again is far from that. Class new Sabbath!

Anselmo & the Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only
I really like Anselmo's voice - it can be extremely harsh to say the least - in places it really reminds me of Pantera, it's just the tracks are not as well produced or finished but its got all the attitude still and as an album. Its a grower!"

Now in 2013 the band's self-titled 2nd album - released in may - is already making waves and the band continue to entertain and surprise with their unique brand of humor and gusto.


Alan, Co-Founder, Pandemonium Club

Onslaught - VI

Anihilated - iDeviant

Wretched Soul - Veronica


Tom, Co-Founder, Pandemonium Club

Wretched Soul - Veronica

Carcass - Surgical Steel

Hell - Curse and Chapter


Colin, Co-Founder, Pandemonium Club

Onslaught - VI

Anihilated - iDeviant

Wretched Soul - Veronica


John, Pandemonium Club

"Carcass - Surgical Steel. Favourite Track - Thrasher's Abattoir
I had a deep seated worry when Carcass announced they were going to release a new album 17 years after Swansong. I mean, 17 years is a bloody long time, and the gap between Heartwork and their latest piece is 20 years. Would they be relevant? The answer is an emphatic yes! 11 tracks of Melodic Death Metal at its very best. I know the purists are up in arms, but Heartwork is what turned my head towards listening to this band, and for me, this is a worthy successor.

Unkind - Pelon Juuret. Favourite Track - Pelon Juuret
I had the pleasure of seeing Unkind support Canadian sludge metallers (and personal favourites) KEN mode in October, and I was blown away by their no nonsense kick-you-in-the-nuts death 'n' roll/hardcore. On the morning of the gig, I looked them up online, listened to the opening track of the new album, the title track, Pelon Juuret. After I reseated my jaw, I crossed my fingers and hoped that they were as good live as they were recorded. I was not disappointed.

Sub Rosa - More Constant Than The Gods. Favourite Track - The Usher
With a two year gap between "No Help For The Mighty Ones" and this, their fourth effort, I wondered what sort of album would be released, especially as their previous effort was the one that had made me fall in love with this Salt Lake City band. This Doom Metal quintet managed to surpass my expectations with a six track album of really beautifully composed songs, the shortest being seven and a half minutes long, and my favourite, The Usher weighing in at just over fourteen minutes long. Don't be mislead though, in a blink of an eye, you'll be reaching over to your music player and starting the album again. "


So, there's our lists; what do you think? What have we missed out? Do you agree? Comment below, and let us know your thought!

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