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The Chain #4

20th January 2014

This week heralds the return of The Chain.

The Chain is a series of articles, where we invite a band to recommend another up and coming act that they have had the chance to watch and enjoy perform. Thereafter, we'll ask this band to suggest another of their peers as well as song for your aural pleasure and then we shall ask them for a recommendation and so on, to give you (and us!) a taste of the best Metal acts that Great Britain has to offer.

Our previous recommendation came from Technical Death Metal band, Cryostorm, who have suggested Lost In Conflict.

Lost In Conflict

Lost in Conflict are a five piece Melodic Metalcore outfit based in Devon, UK and have a unique blend of melodic technical guitar riffs and aggressive backline.

In 2012/13 they managed to write, produce and manufacture a four track, self-titled E.P, which received recognition from local media and gathered attention to build their ever growing fan base, bringing them into the Southwest scene with a punch.

Having developed a distinguished sound and style as a band, in 2014, Lost In Conflict will be releasing a new record and playing more shows across the UK.

Lost in Conflict take their influence from other Metalcore/Post-hardcore bands such as A Day To Remember, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive and Alexisonfire.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostinconflict

Twitter: twitter.com/lic_official

"We've picked Mora by Backhand Saloon, because of it drive and its groove beat; it's always a song to get ya going.

Not only that, but when they play live they're one of the most energetic, tightest, and enjoyable bands. The crowd goes mental, especially when Mora's being played. It's always a win when they play this song! It's hard to describe!"

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