Music Review: EXTREME O. D. – Contaminate

10th March 2014


Ok, I was sent a cd for review and it’s taken me bloody ages to get round to reviewing it. But here goes!!! The EP is called “Contaminate” and comes from Stoke based EXTREME O. D.

I didn’t check out the band pages first as I didn’t want anything to influence what I thought. I just gave it a few spins and only after that did I check out the band bio etc. I’m glad I did, because I got a nice surprise.

What we have here is a 3 track EP with some very modern sounding, and very heavy, tunes. There is tons of polish and you immediately get a sense that these guys know what exactly they’re doing.

Contaminate starts off with a very promising riff, great guitar tone and an introductory growl that sets the harsh vocal style off from the word go. Good guitars throughout and a solid rhythm section. No messing about here, just a good, mid paced stormer of a song with damn fine drums rolling along nicely. I can imagine this going down well live. Good neck snapping stuff. The harsh vocals work very well with this song. A very good start.

Extreme OD Band Shot

The next tune is called Disillusioned and starts a bit more slowly and develops nicely with some more melodic and subtle guitar parts. This has a good feel to it. The vocals, still harsh, work well despite this song being slower and more thoughtful. I think I prefer this to Contaminate. The whole song flows nicely with all the elements working perfectly together. Until………the last 40 seconds or so seem to me to be a thing I’ve heard a thousand times before, namely a slow, chugging breakdown that to my ears doesn’t fit with the rest of the song. I think a lot of people won’t mind that at all, but for me it was disappointing end to a really damn fine song. Personally I think it could have been omitted completely, without adversely affecting the overall feel of the song, or carried on with the invention shown in the rest of the song.

The pace is picked up again nicely with Erase the Lie. This one will get the faithful bouncing around and the neutrals nodding their heads appreciatively. This is no nonsense, in your face stuff. Good paced and powerful, a fitting end to a very fine EP.

Next was time to check out the band pages and see who these fine people were and what they’re all about. The band was formed in 2008 and currently consists of:

Katie Cairns - Vocals
Ian Deaville – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Kieron Berry - Guitar
Graeme Williams – Drums
Don Jackson-Wyatt – Bass

And there is the nice surprise, a female vocalist! I would never have guessed. Would I have changed my opinion if I had known? To be honest I don’t really know. I like to think not. Their page states:

"A fearsome new line up sees Extreme O.D. ready to shake up the metal scene. Utilising an uncompromising approach to everything they do, Extreme O.D. are a band to keep an eye on in the very near future."

Well I can’t argue with that and I recommend this EP!

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Pandemonium Alan

Article written by Pandemonium Alan, March 2014

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