We want to bring you the best metal bands that the UK has to offer, so we spend our time outside of putting together our gigs, seeking out the next top quality acts that you have to see.

Below, you will find some of the acts we have had the fortune to have grace the Pandemonium Club stage, as well as some of the bands that we think are well worth a listen.



Formed in 2007, Elimination had one vision; to create pure metal devastation. That year with a set of thrashing metal epics, Elimination laid crowds to waste with live performances throughout the UK, additionally recording and releasing their debut EP: 'Welcome to Deathrow'.

Warping forwards into 2008, Elimination began the year with releasing their 2nd EP: 'Nightmare Asylum' which received glowing press from numerous fanzines, websites, and coverage in Terrorizer Magazine. Tracks from these two EPs have also enjoyed extensive international airplay.

As well as decimating audiences all over the UK, the band have supported such esteemed bands as Forbidden, Accept, WOLF, Evile, Gama Bomb, Criminal and Cauldron.

In 2009 Elimination announced that they would be recording and releasing their debut album through Rising Records (Mendeed, Trigger the Bloodshed). In April, the band entered Parlour Studios to start recording said opus, entitled 'Destroyed by Creation' - it's 12 tracks comprising the melody and brutality that makes Heavy Metal great; taking it to new levels.

August 2010 and Elimination proudly join the ranks at Transcend Music (Fields of the Nephilim, Sacred Mother Tongue, Imperial Vengeance etc.) in preparation for the bands ascendancy!

November 28th brings on the next big chapter for Elimination. With the release of their second full-length record, 'The Blood of Titans', these British metal warriors are going to begin their march into the global metal scene... And conquer!

Elimination is coming...

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Evil Scarecrow

"If you haven't seen Evil Scarecrow yet then it feels unfair to ruin the surprise. An affable blend of Pythonesque absurdity, artfully drawn from an evident love of metal, they have the crowd in the palm of their collective claw from Sixty-Six minutes past Six." - Metal Hammer

Many years ago in a desolate Lincolnshire town a band of dubiously termed musicians of Nordic heraldry with a fondness for sticky back plastic decided to go their separate ways, but as a phoenix rises from the ashes a new and perhaps even more glorious band emerged from the dying embers of Thor's Children (widely regarded as the greatest Blue Peter Metal band of all time) and thus Evil Scarecrow triumphantly exploded in to existence.

In the following years the slowly band relocated to Nottingham evolving through several line up changes to become the monstrous and stunning apparition that you see today. The current incarnation of the band is version 5.0 featuring Dr. Rabid Hell, Brother Dimitri Pain, Kraven Morrdeth, Princess Luxury and Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist. Previous band members may have been left behind but they're not forgotten, the influence of Hymen the Unbreakable, Nemesis, Frenzy G. Spinesnap and Papa Bongo have all helped to create the unique sound and style of Evil Scarecrow.

The band have two full albums "Crowcifiction" and "Sixty Six Minutes Past Six" with the "Hell Dog" EP being released between the two. Two official videos have been released, the ever popular "Robototron" and fan favourite "Blacken the Everything".

2012 sees them starting work on the as yet untitled third album which will be the first recorded with the current line up. As ever the album will include influences from across the metal genre melded together with the inimitable Evil Scarecrow humour and just a smattering of some rather more imitable dance moves.

It is in the live arena that the band have really proved their worth, they have gigged relentlessly around the UK for a number of years captivating and sometimes rather surprising audiences from venues as small as the local pub, as legendary as Nottingham Rock City and as mammoth as the main stage at Bloodstock Festival. Everywhere they play they win new fans, their passion and enthusiasm ensures they always connect with their audience who in turn spread the word far and wide.

The support of fans saw Evil Scarecrow win the Bloodstock Unsigned Competition in 2008 and they were featured in Terrorizer's best unsigned band readers' poll at the end of the same year. Since then the band have leaped from strength to strength expanding their following and catching the eye of the critics. In 2011 they made a triumphant return to Bloodstock playing a set to a packed to bursting second stage tent and a quite astounding number of robot dancers.

Demand for the live show has never been stronger and the band show no signs of slowing down their gigging schedule. 2012 will see them play a highly placed slot at Hammerfest followed by continued playing around the UK and possibly beyond. Are you ready for the Evil Scarecrow live onslaught? When they're invading a stage near you, it's not to be missed!

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