We want to bring you the best metal bands that the UK has to offer, so we spend our time outside of putting together our gigs, seeking out the next top quality acts that you have to see.

Below, you will find some of the acts we have had the fortune to have grace the Pandemonium Club stage, as well as some of the bands that we think are well worth a listen.


Imperial Vengeance

2007 saw C.Edward Alexander and David Bryan launch their "Dark Aristocratic Metal" assault on the world and with the release of their debut "At The Going Down Of The Sun" in 2009 through Candlelight Records, the band took up the union flag to audiences countrywide in the name of all things British.

Fuelled by absinthe and cigar smoke, the album contained ten songs that embraced aspects of sympho...nic extreme metal, with lyrical themes and imagery largely influenced by the British Empire period. The title track featuring a specially recorded passage from Harry Patch, who at the age of 110 was the last surviving tommy to have seen combat in the trenches of the Pashcendale. Mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima, the CD soon attracted considerable attention and very positive reviews.

The Autumn of 2009 was exceptionally busy for the band: A live lineup was revealed consisting of Elle Torry and James Murray on guitars with William Drury making way for new sticksman James Last, and a promo video for the track "6th Airborne Division" was shot at the 400 Company studios in London. Mere weeks later, an EP in which the band covered the classic Madness song "Night Boat To Cairo" (with a suitably eccentric video) was unleashed on a fast-growing fanbase. Most importantly, the band made it's blistering live debut at The Garage in London, opening for Chthonic closely followed by a set on Remembrance Sunday at Hellfire Festival at Birmingham's NEC to an audience of union flag waving fans.

2010 saw the duo ink a management deal with Rob Ferguson of Transcend Management, and move labels from Candlelight in favour of the Transcend Music Group, issue a DVD single and hit the road in the summer touring the UK supporting Sabatt. This period also saw work beginning on the second album, "Black Heart Of Empire."

With a release date set at 23rd September 2011, The duo describe this new work as "Ten dastardly tales of intrigue, phantasm and Derring-do" and starting with a four-part song cycle entitled "The Gaslight Aria", the album proceeds through a collection of narratives that present a singularly dark vision. The resulting journey is a breathtakingly complex opiated haze of inspired guitar riffing and dramatic orchestration, awash with neo-Victorian aesthetics and containing no less than one hour of quintessentially British metal.

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Inner Fire

Praised by Chris Broderick of Megadeth as a band that “defines a New Chapter in thrash metal” Inner Fire have been truly making a name for themselves in the UK Underground Metal scene.

Formed in late 2007, Inner Fire quickly established a reputation for their fearsome live performance. Self-releasing their debut album 'New Chapter' in 2011 (through PlasticHead Distribution) Inner Fire went on to play alongside Motorhead, Exodus, and WASP and many more at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2011, following a highly successful Metal 2 The Masses campaign.

Their first self-produced demo, 2008’s ‘Let the Flames Begin’ caught the attention of established London promoters, and gave the band access to prestigious stages including 93 Feet East, The Fly, and The Kingston Peel..

Throughout 2009 and 2010, the band performed extensively throughout the South East region, supporting ex-Iron Maiden star Blaze Bayley, UK Metal heavyweights Beholder and returning NWOBHM heroes Rogue Male.

The band is hard at work writing new material for the follow-up album. 2012 will see the release of crowd favourite ‘Horizon’ as a single, the launch of a YouTube campaign and new official website. With further support slots to Beholder and the legendary Praying Mantis under their belts in 2012, Inner Fire continue to gig across the UK at venues such as the legendary London Underworld, in their endeavour to re-establish the British Metal scene.

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Iron Knights

Iron Knights is the band formerly known as Stuka Squadron - a London based Heavy Metal band formed in 2008. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the band have changed their name to IRON KNIGHTS.

Under their previous band name, Iron Knights marched across the UK several times over and played their debut shows in Germany and Czech Republic. Iron Knights will continue to tour and promote their forthcoming new album ‘New Sound Of War’, scheduled for release 26 November 2012 (one week later than the original release date).

The band’s live Missions attract increasing numbers of enthusiastic and loyal Legions of Squadroneers and Iron Knights are busy preparing for further live work. The first confirmed date for 2013 is at Hammerfest V.

"We care as much for human whims and politics as much as any predator cares for its prey's faiths and beliefs. We dine on the fears of the mortal man, his horror so thick we drink it like the blood taken from his body. But even Vampires can fall. Where once we numbered many, now we are but five. So we continue to this day, embracing an age in which the world has witnessed carnage and conflict for unbroken decades.

"This London-based outfit are heart and soul a fist-pumping, blood-burning heavy metal machine suckled at the teat of Lemmy and raised in the fire of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. In short they embody the power, confidence and precision of traditional heavy metal and those not strong enough to withstand the blast would be well advised to stand clear or, in the words of Moriarty, 'be trampled underfoot'….New sound of war is a hugely enjoyable, head-banging thrill ride that will delight true metal fans from start to finish." - Sonic Abuse: October 2012

"Songs like ‘Stuka Squadron’, ‘On the Volga Bridge’, and ‘A Cross of Iron’ really do illustrate some of the most exciting new UK Metal I’ve heard in a long time, with brutal riffs being mixed with clever motifs and top notch arrangements." - Fireworks: February 2012

"...metal moments that will stay with you for years to come. Rooted in the classics but looking hungrily to the future, ‘Tales of the Ost is a major Metal achievement" - Zero Tolerance: September 2011

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