We want to bring you the best metal bands that the UK has to offer, so we spend our time outside of putting together our gigs, seeking out the next top quality acts that you have to see.

Below, you will find some of the acts we have had the fortune to have grace the Pandemonium Club stage, as well as some of the bands that we think are well worth a listen.



"Like the love-child of Candlemass and Mourning Beloveth", Khthon was born in the autumn of 2007. Vocalist Adam Robinson had been toying with the idea of forming a doom band for some time and had placed adverts in several local music shops, hoping to attract like-minded musicians (a pretty tall order in Maidstone!). Fortune smiled and the advert was seen by guitarist Kevin Lawry, a local doom fa...natic and riffmaster extraordinaire. Kevin is also known for his solo projects Silent Winter and Crowned In Earth, self-releasing several EPs and albums over the last few years. Kev originally contacted Adam to offer support and make links with another doom fan, but in no time the idea to jam together was formulated. So, along with Benjamin Robinson, also on guitar, the core of Khthon took shape.

As a three-piece, the band focused on writing material while actively looking for a drummer and bassist. This period led to the recording of the "Songs on the Grave Side' EP in July 2008. The EP, consisting of four tracks of Epic English Doom, was recorded and mixed at Kewsound Studios (My Silent Wake), and mastered by Greg Chandler. The EP was well received, gathering several excellent reviews in the metal press at home and abroad.

In October 2008, Khthon welcomed bassist Mark Barnes to the fold. Immediately, Mark added a new dimension to the Khthon sound, providing an expansive rhythmical foundation to the existing songs and contributing massively to the writing process.

In 2010, after a number of drummers came and went, the band added Simon Jones (Reprobate) to the line-up. Simon's death/thrash background added another layer, leading the band to employ more complex arrangements in new compositions.

Then, in 2011, Khthon sadly said goodbye to Benjamin whose geographical distance from the rest of the band had made regular rehearsing very problematic. Enter Jeff Barber (ex-Eye Of Solitude). Jeff brought yet another stylistic element to the band, adding to the new material.

So, with a stable line-up, Khthon have spent the last year working on new material towards a debut album to be recorded when time, cash and stellar alignments permit. Additionally, the band has been honing the live performance with a well recveived campaign in Bloodstock's M2TM competition as well as a few local and London shows.

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Kremated were formed in 2011 with the intention of bringing back the original feel of early 80's "real" Thrash, and mixing it with a huge dollop of '82 style Punk just like the early days. Kremated had been an idea in the back of Pete Dee's mind for a while, but it took several attempts to get a lineup together to do proper justice to the material. Featuring a lineup of experienced and confident Metal musicians, the band are gigging regularly in the South East and have quickly built up a large following on the strength of their uncompromising and brutal live shows. In June 2012, they hit the studio to record their first CD, and it is scheduled for release in September 2012.

Musically, the idea was to create the band "we'd most like to see live", combining the influences of Celtic Frost, Kreator, Voivod, Discharge, Terror, Sodom, Anthrax, Destruction and many others. Kremated went for an aggressive edge and solid, fast riffing, focusing on the power and brute force of the old days without resorting to cheesy interpretations or overlong solos, then mixed in a little bit of '82 style Punk and Hardcore to make it even more powerful. The band's motto is "Thrash Ain't Dead", and they intend to prove it. This is ugly, powerful Thrash Metal, played from the heart, and it shows.

"KREMATED 'Thrash Ain't Dead' The single from the upcoming album 'Total Warfare' due for release in September pretty much sums up what Kremated is about, 'Thrash Ain't Dead' brings out the fast sleaze in the Thrash Metal embodiment and turns it up to past 13. With Slayer style riffing leading the assault and heavy balls supporting the crazy sound witnessed, Kremated are driving the original 1980's sound to a newer level and pushing it into the modern arena, by inserting breakdowns towards the end of the track it is without no wonder that South London has a no go zone on it, the place is now radioactive thanks to this nuclear powered band. 7.5/10" - Rhys Stevenson, Global Metal Apocalypse (Jul 16, 2012)

"...they are really something to behold, their punked up euro-thrash decimating all before them. In front man Pete Dee they have this conduit of power and aggression which is spat so effectively into each and every person in the room you almost get the urge to riot. Every sneer and growl compliments the filthy leads. This isn't the clean and mechanically enhanced sound of thrash in 2012 but the dark, guttural and dirty thrash that exploded out of the sweat box venues of the early eighties and in today's climate sounds fresher than ever. Thrash may not be dead but Kremated are here to make bloody sure it doesn't sound like it's been edited for Kerrang radio." - Alan Hicks, Rock Matrix (Jun 03, 2012)

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