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Our next featured Band of the Month is Exit State. A band that has really been making leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, 3 Albums in 4 years as well as a music video topping the Kerrrang TV request chart show.  The 5 years running up to this point will sound familiar to many music fans with the endless gigging to recruit a loyal following and various line up changes.

Now having released 2 EP's and 3 Albums the band are once again gearing up for a busy year and will be playing Wizzfest in March over in Belgium. Roy Bright is the man who will be front and centre when the band play as vocalist and  guitarist, he is joined by Phillip Ireland on bass guitar and backing vocals, Peat Hicks on drums and backing vocals and Matt Harris on guitar. To find out a little more about the band before they play for us in March, we spoke with Roy:


Q: How did the band get together?

A: Exit State was formed in 2005 out of the ashes of my first band deponeye. The band began as a 3 piece from people in the local are of Burnley. Through 2006-2007 I managed to get 2 good friends to join the band in guitarist Adam Stephenson and drummer Peat Hicks. In 2008 we solidified our line-up when Phil came in on bass and never looked back.

Q: Tell me about your first gig?

A: Oh dear! my first gig ever was in my local pub The Gretna Green in Burnley. The band was called Kain at the time and we played mostly covers. We opened with All Along The Watchtower and in this song i took first solo guitar piece after the opening verse-chorus. As I stepped up to begin playing, my guitar strap failed and I only just managed to catch my guitar before it clattered to the floor. I looked up into a PACKED pub of smiling mates and I could feel that heat and redness rising from the back of my neck....bad times hahaha!

Q: How did you choose the band name?

A: The band name was chose by the boyfriend of first drummer Sara. They were both on holiday in the USA and they were driving from one state to another (I forget which now). As they passed a sign declaring “You are now leaving .... State” he thought, Exit State. He immediately text me saying it would be a great name for a band and I totally agreed.

Q: What line up changes have happened?

A: HA! there have been so many it would take up the page.

Technically this is my first and only band. It was a continuation of deponeye as when we began we played many of the old deponeye songs. Over the years, people have naturally come and gone mainly due to the normality of life getting in the way. I have only ever asked 1 person to leave the band through lack of commitment so have been very lucky with members. All bands go through those bad growing pains periods where they try to set the chemistry in the band to the right level. Being in a band is all about the chemistry between the members and every band that has ever done well knows when that moment is right and thankfully we like to think we are in that period right now.

Q: What was your favourite gig to play?

A: Without question it was opening for Michael Schenker at Shepherds Bush Empire in 2012. 1100 amazing people cheered us on and really got into the spirit of the show – it was simply mind-blowing. We had enjoyed great crowds during the dates we played with MSG and we kind of thought the bubble would burst with London due to the nature of the capital and location of many restaurant's and bars around the venue, but no! they came early and showed their amazing support for live music in a time where live music is finding things hard.

Q: Who would you like to open for?

A: Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters and Metallica – any of those three would be just fine by me hahaha!

Q: Who would you like to give some massive thanks to?

A: Without doubt we would like to primarily give massive thanks to absolutely everyone who has ever been to an Exit State show, bought an album, wore a tee shirt or showed their support to us in any other way. We would also like to thank our management in Mark Appleton and Lynne Hampson from Rocksector for guiding us along perfectly.

Q: What's the band got planned for the rest of 2014 (Album/tour/Festivals)?

A: Tour, tour, tour and...err....TOUR! haha! as many festivals as possible which is a great way to raise awareness of the band. We have also begun writing album No.4 so that's going to be exciting.

Q: If you could have one of your songs put into a film soundtrack, which film and which song?

A: Zombieland 2 and the track would HAVE to be Die Zombie off our new album Let’s See It All

Q: If you could have on of your songs used in an Xbox/Playstation game, which game and which song?

A: Grand Theft Auto 5, I reckon and would probably like to hear This Part of Me on there again, taken from our new album Let’s See It All.


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Article written by Pandemonium Tom, February 2014

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