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Babylon Fire

Babylon Fire are our first Band of the Month for 2014 and will be playing for us in March.

After 5 years of fine tuning their art, Babylon Fire released their Album "Dark Horizons" in November 2012 and have continued to show fans what Bruce Dickinson was raving about on his BBC6 radio show.

The hard work is paying off and the band are signed to Rocksector Records and are on their way to play Wizzfest in Belgium the day after our show. This will be their second appearance at Wizzfest after playing last year and being requested to play again.

I spoke to Rishi to get a bit of a background into the band:

Q: How did the band get together?

A: 3 of us (Ryk: Bass, Rishi: Guitar & Carc: Drums) have grown up together & we left our previous band which was very much a dictatorship & decided to form our own band on our own terms. We then hooked up with an old school friend of mine, Will Reece & asked him to join us as an additional guitarist. We finally got together with our vocalist Mark D after he answered an advert that we'd placed in Affleck's Palace in Manchester.

Q: Tell me about your first gig?

It was a bit of an all-dayer at Manchester's Dry Bar in March of 2008. Ironically even though it was our first ever gig, we headlined it & from what I remember it was a really good gig. There was a decent crowd & we played like we meant business, which of course we did!!

Q: How did you choose the band name?

Ryk & I were extremely hungover the morning after a crazy night out & we were chilling out over at my parents' place watching heavy metal DVD's.

We'd been going over band name ideas for a while now, none of which we were particularly enamoured with. Suddenly a track by the band Shadows Fall came on called "Fire In Babylon" to which I remarked that it was a great name for a song. Ryk immediately said "why don't we call the band BABYLON FIRE then?" & I was sold on it straight away.

Q: What line up changes have happened?

Only one, Will Reece left in 2010 due to family commitments. We're still on amazing terms with him as he is one of life's true gentlemen. We did audition innumerable candidates none of whom were up to the task so in the end we chose to continue as a 4 piece.

Q: What was your favourite gig to play?

There have been many but playing at Wizzfest in Belgium for the first time this year (March 2013) was truly amazing & completely exceeded all of our expectations! European fans are beyond enthusiastic!

Q: Who would you like to open for?

I'm sure all the guys in the band would have their own suggestions but for me personally it would be Iron Maiden, Machine Head & Alter Bridge.

Q: Who would you like to give some massive thanks to?

Every single person that has supported the band in any way, whether it be by buying our merchandise & coming to the shows, or releasing our albums & booking our gigs for us!

Q: What's the band got planned for the rest of 2014 (Album/tour/Festivals)?

We will begin actively writing the 2nd album in the New Year & we will get that recorded as soon as we are ready. We have a UK tour lined up in May with Absolva as well as plans to tour Europe in September. Festival wise we are already booked for Wizzfest again & we would love to play at Bloodstock amongst others.

Q: If you could have one of your songs put into a film soundtrack, which film and which song?

It would have to be an epic film & an epic song so I'd say one of Tarrantino's films such as Pulp Fiction or Django Unchained. The song would be "I Still Remember".

Q: If you could have on of your songs used in an Xbox/Playstation game, which game and which song?

It'd have to be in a Grand Theft Auto game & the song would be "Blood In Blood Out".

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Article written by Pandemonium Tom, January 2014

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