Here at the Pandemonium Club, our aim is to bring the best of the UK Metal scene to a live audience, along with high quality up and coming bands.

We have been graced with the likes of Gama Bomb, Beholder, Imperial Vengeance, Evil Scarecrow, Anubis and Warlord UK, not to mention Thrash Metal legends Onslaught and Anihilated.

We have divided Events into three parts; Upcoming Pandemonium Club Events, Our Recommended Events and Previous Events.


This is what we love doing. We want you to see the bands we feel passionate about, because we know you deserve to see absolutely top drawer musicians doing what they do best.

No filler acts, no one who has only just picked up a guitar and definitely no one who look the part but sound awful. These bands are probably destined for greatness, and you will be able to say 'I was there at the Pandemonium Club when this little known act wandered through the door and blew us all away. Who could have known they would become so huge...'

Rocksector Records 2014

Recksector Records 2014

Last Updated 17th February 2014

This will be held in Maidstone and we have been offered a cracking 4 band line up from Manchester’s finest independent metal label Rocksector Records.

We will be keeping ticket prices as low as we can, so you lot that come along can keep yourselves suitably refreshed. We all appreciate little lubrication at a live metal show after all, and we want you all to have the best time possible without murdering your wallets and purses.

We hope to see you there; let’s get some rocking done!!!!

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Our Recommended Events

If there is a gig or festival that has quality acts that we would endorse, you'll find it here.

Chances are you'll probably also find us there at the front too...

Beermageddon 2014

Beermageddon 2014

Last Updated 27th December 2013

Beermageddon is Britain's fastest growning Metal festival!

After 2 successful sold out festivals in 2012 and 2013, Beermageddon returns over the August Bank Holiday 2014 to Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club with 3 days of hard and heavy metal!

Tickets are on sale now for £35 including Booking Fee and include camping, parking and all facilities

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Any concerts or festivals that we have hosted, attended or liked the look of are saved here for prosperity.

Archived Events - 2013

Archived Events - 2012

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