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Top Stories

A Look at... 2014 Festivals Part 1

Music Review - Extreme OD

Last Updated 10th March 2014

Evening PClubbers!

Here at the website, we have briefly awoken from our slumber to tell you about some new music that has crossed our path.

Extreme OD hail from Birmingham, and have recently expanded their lineup to become a five piece act.

Take a look at the Pandemonium Club's articles page to see what Pandemonium Alan has to say on these promising midlanders...

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A Look at... 2014 Festivals Part 1

A Look at... 2014 Festivals Part 2 and hiatus...

Last Updated 10th February 2014

Hello loyal PClubbers.

Writing this note is tinged with disappointment. As regulars will have seen on our facebook page, after a difficult time, we have had to cancel our return gig in Maidstone due to events beyond our control. As a result, we are going to take a break from the action for a while to lick our wounds and plan our next steps. Fear not as during this time, you'll still see our musings on facebook, but our website and live show activity will be on hiatus for now.

While we rest and recuperate, Tom has completed his guide to the festival events this year, which you can find here.

On behalf of all of us here at the Pandemonium Club website, thank you all for your support, and we hope to be back soon.

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A Look at... 2014 Festivals Part 1

A Look at... 2014 Festivals Part 1

Last Updated 10th February 2014

Good evening Pandemonians!

We love seeing bands live, and have been around the country to see some of our favourites. As you'll know, one of the best ways of seeing your favourite bands and treat yourselves to new acts is to go to one of the many festivals which are dotted around the UK and beyond.

The P Club's Tom has been doing his homework and swotting up on some of the many festivals which will be at your fingertips this year, however as it's such a big undertaking, this article will be split across two parts.

For Tom's choice from now to July, head over to the Pandemonium Club's Article page for his musings...

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Band of The Month #6 - Exit State

Band of The Month #6 - Exit State

Last Updated 6th January 2014

Good Evening Pandemonians!

Apologies for this post on a Tuesday, due to unforeseen circumstances, there was an error in uploading this week's article. Fear not, however, as tonight we present our Band of The Month, Exit State.

This Lancashire five piece have already released three albums - their most recent release was in June 2013 - and they have also been appointed Official Patron of chART - Children's Hospice Arts, a charity that aims to enrich the lives of children with life limiting conditions and severe disabilities through music and the arts.

Exit State will also be appearing at the Pandemonium Club's return gig on March 21st, and tickets are still available. In the meantime, pop over to the article page and have a preview of what to expect!

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Rad Radio and Radfest

A Look At... Rad Radio

Last Updated 27th January 2014

Good evening Pandemonians!

This week, we have had a piece on one of our chums' ventures, Rad Radio, which recently celebrated its first birthday, and is working on their own festival this year, Radfest.

Pop over to the Pandemonium Club's article page to see what Rad Radio is all about!

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Top Stories

The Chain #4

The Chain #4

Last Updated 20th January 2014

Hail P Clubbers! How about kicking those Monday blues away with some more Metal madness from your Pandemonium chums?

The Chain returns with a new recommendation, our first of 2014.

In case you've forgotten, The Chain is where we have asked a band for a recommendation of an act they'd like to recommend. In turn, we'll get their suggestion and so on.

The last band we had was Technical Death Metal act Cryostorm, and you can find out their recommendation here.

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Kremated Article

Onward And Upward: A year in the life of a Thrash Metal band.

Last Updated 13th January 2014

Welcome back Pandemonians!

With the turn of the year starting to blur already, we contacted one of the bands that we have been championing, Kremated, to see how they felt the previous year went for them.

With festival appearances at Beermageddon and the legendary Bloodstock, lead singer and guitarist Pete Dee has kindly composed a look back at 2013 for us from the point of view of the band.

Have a look at his musings on the article entitled "Onward And Upward: A year in the life of a Thrash Metal band" on our article page.

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Event Details

March event update

Last Updated 11th January 2014

Evening chums!

Just a quick update on our first gig in a long while, which will feature Babylon Fire, Exit State, Sweet Taste and Fantasist.

We have finished the calculations, and have set the ticket price for this gig on the 21st March at what we think is a very reasonable £4 advanced and £5 on the door.

You can purchase the advanced tickets clicking on this ticket link.

We are extremely excited to be back doing what we love doing, and hope you will be along to join us!

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An Interview with DJ Valkyrie Part 2

Band of The Month #5 - Babylon Fire

Last Updated 6th January 2014

Welcome back, dear P Clubbers!

We at the Pandemonium Club trust you had a fine time welcoming the new year in, but the celebrations don't start there! In advance of our return to hosting our P Club events in March, this month's Band of The Month is Babylon Fire.

As always, our intrepid explorer Tom has tracked down the band and spent some time with them finding what makes them tick.

Pop over to the Band of the Month page to see how Tom fared this month!

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Mental Meltdown and A Thank You!

Top 3 albums of 2013 - Mental Meltdown and a Thank you

Last Updated 30th December 2013

Hail, loyal Pandemoniums!

For our last article of 2013, we have a contribution from a US DJ who, like us, loves to support the underground scene. You can read Roalt from Metal Meltdown's top three albums of 2013 on the articles page.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have contributed to the articles we have been working on since the end of September, and in particular, Tom at the Pandemonium Club who has been helping me with writing the articles that have been posted on the website. Incidentally, if you would like to submit an article for us to consider uploading onto the website, feel free to contact us about this or any other constructive suggestions on improving the site via direct message on the Pandemonium Club's Twitter feed.

Finally, thank you all for your support this year, and we hope that we are keeping it interesting for you to keep coming back to our website and social media feeds. Feel free to tell your family, friends, pets and anyone who cares about Metal to 'like' us on facebook or follow us on Twitter! Although there were no shows for 2013, your numbers on facebook and Twitter have been steadily increasing over the year, and we have already planned our return to putting on shows with our first event in March 2014, which we hope you'll be there to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and all the best wishes to you all for a mighty fine 2014!

The Pandemonium Club

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Furious Horde Newsflash!

Top 3 albums of 2013

Last Updated 23rd December 2013

Good Evening, loyal Pandemoniums!

As we trundle towards the Christmas and New Year Festivities, here at the Pandemonium Club, we have gathered our thoughts, brewed a cup of tea and contacted some of our chums to gather together the albums that have made their year.

Have a look at many a mad man's choices of this year in Metal in our articles page.

One more thing; we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and hope that everyone has fun over the next couple of days!

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Furious Horde Newsflash!

The Furious Horde Newsflash!

Last Updated 19th December 2013

Welcome Pandemoniums!

Here's a news flash from symphonic metal geniuses, The Furious Horde; the band will be releasing a new video for their track 'For The Horde' on facebook this weekend, and one of our very own P Club co-founders, Colin, will be making an appearance in the vid!

For more information, pop over to The Furious Horde's facebook event page, and enjoy the show on Sunday 22nd December at 7:00 pm!

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Pandemonium Tom's look at Beermageddon 2013

Pandemonium Club Presents...

Last Updated 16th December 2013

Evening Pandemoniums!

We have a pre Christmas treat for you lovely people; the Pandemonium Club is proud to announce that we have booked our first event of 2014, in Maidstone, Kent, on the 21st March!

For more information, come and have a look on our articles page:


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Pandemonium Tom's look at Beermageddon 2013

Pandemonium Tom's look at Beermageddon 2013

Last Updated 9th December 2013

Welcome back, dear Pandemonians!

This week's article has Tom reviewing his last festival of the year, Beermageddon.

Now in its second year, Beermageddon has had many of the acts that have played the P Club, also grace its stage including the likes of Beholder, Anihilated and Evil Scarecrow.

Have a read of Tom's (possibly hazy) recollections of a weekend with many of our favourite underground acts over on the Articles page to see how he got on!

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An Interview with DJ Valkyrie Part 2

Band of The Month #4 - Divine Chaos

Last Updated 2nd December 2013

Happy December, dear readers!

This month's Band of The Month is Divine Chaos.

This 5 piece band hailing from the South East, has been influenced by the likes of Metallica, Exodus, The Haunted and Carcass, and took time out from their touring schedule to have a chat with our very own Tom.

Go and have a gander on the Band of the Month page to see how he got on!

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Pandemonium Club News

Pandemonium Club News archive - 2013

Pandemonium Club News archive - 2012

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Pandemonium Club News

Site updated

Beermaggeddon 2013

Last Updated 11th July 2013

The Pandemonium Club is very proud to once again be working to help promote Beermageddon 2013.

After the success of the first ever Beermageddon festival, the go-ahead was given for not 1 but 2 more in the following years. With that in mind, Beermageddon 2013 is looking to be an even bigger success even before the full line-up is announced. A bargain price of £38 for 3 days of the best British bands including camping and parking has seen a lot of interest in this year’s festival. The line-up this year once again includes some of the best British bands who have played much larger festivals such as Bloodstock. All of this, in a festival that is small enough and friendly enough for you to be able to enjoy a beer with some of the bands after they’ve finished their set, no queues for a signing tent that you’re rushed through.

The success of the first ever Beermageddon started with the tickets selling out and during the festival we were treated to amazing sets from the likes of Evil Scarecrow, Fallen Fate, Imperial Vengeance, Warlord UK, Rezinwolf and Wretched Soul. After the bands had finished the party could continue thanks to DJ Hybrid playing the night away. Beermageddon’s success was highlighted in the nominations it received in the festival awards for "best new festival", "best small festival", "best grass roots festival" and "best toilets". Add to these nominations some great reviews and a very happy organiser. Even before the end of the weekend the next Beermageddon was being lined up on this success.

Not long after the success of last year, the announcements for this year started; there was a change of venue which has also increased the capacity and onsite facilities. The band announcements soon started and then the ticket sales took off. Regular updates to the line-up have increased ticket sales and it is again heading towards being another sell out before all of the bands have been announced. For fans tickets, the full line-up and any other information please click here to visit the Beermageddon website, but you need to be quick as there are less than 50!!!!!!

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Other News archive - 2012

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