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Pandemonium Club News

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More bands announced for Beermageddon 2013

Last Updated 1st November 2012

Beermageddon have added three more of the country's up and coming talent to their festival in August 2013.

Past Pandemonium Club luminaries Fallen Fate and Anihilated are being joined by this Saturday's headliners Iron Knights, recent P Club debutants Buff-Riff Stampede and County Durham quintet Old Corpse Road.

What fantastic acts there are, and we're still in 2012!

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Arise Iron Knights

From the ashes of Stuka Squadron; arise Iron Knights!

Last Updated 1st November 2012

Due to complications using the name Stuka Squadron, our favourite WWII German vampire fighter pilots have been reborn as Iron Knights.

More information can be found on the soon to be replaced Stuka Squadron website, but worry not, they will still be appearing this Saturday for their inaugural performance under their new name!

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Bull-Riff Stampede

Bull-Riff Stampede picked for Wacken Festival 2013

Last Updated 1st November 2012

Congratulations to recent Pandemonium Club debutants Bull-Riff Stampede, who will be playing next year's Wacken festival!

The band were selected from the many top quality acts at this year's Bloodstock festival, including P Club favourites Fallen Fate and Wretched Soul.

Good job guys!

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Breed 77 returns with new single

Breed 77 returns with new single

Last Updated 26th October 2012

Gibraltar's premier metal band Breed 77 are back with a brand new single DROWN.

Drown, released Monday 26th November 2012, is the first single to be lifted from the band's forthcoming new album THE EVIL INSIDE (out 25th February 2013).

The new single coincides with Breed 77's UK/European tour with SOiL and Fozzy, which commences Tuesday 27th November 2012 in Stoke.

For more information, head over to Breed 77's Facebook page.

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Thrash band seeks a new guitarist/singer

Thrash band seeks new guitarist/singer

Last Updated 16th October 2012

Sanity Burns are on the hunt for a guitarist/singer.

Pop over to and if their potent blend of classic and modern thrash strikes a chord with you, why don't you show 'em what you've got?

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Viking Funeral raises over £600 for Cancer Research

Viking Funeral Festival raises over £600 for Cancer Research

Last Updated 15th October 2012

Delighted to say Martin Walkyier's Viking Funeral event raised £622.80 (GBP) for Cancer Research UK!

WINNER - congrats to everyone involved who kindly gave their services for free to make it happen. Let's make the next one bigger and better than the last. Col. \m/

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Auction in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust

Wolhunters add auction for signed Bloodstock program in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Last Updated 14th October 2012

I've just seen this thanks to a posting on Wretched Soul's Facebook page, and as it's for Teenage Cancer Trust, let's give it our support.

"This Official programme was signed in the press area whilst conducting interviews with some of the greatest names in the genre including Machine Head, Doris Yeh from Chthonic, Kobra from Kobra and the Lotus, Sepultura and loads more.

This is the Ultimate present for that Collector of Autographs and for Metal Fans, the Full 100% raised from this Auction will be going straight to Teenage Cancer Trust, and as a bonus if the winner lives within 100 miles of my location (SN5) I will personally deliver the Programme straight to you.

Pop over to the Wolhunters' listing and let's see them raise big money for this fantastic charity!

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Beermageddeon 2013 Advanced Tickets selling fast

Beermageddeon 2013 Advanced Tickets Selling Fast!

Last Updated 5th October 2012

Advance tickets are available now; this page is 24 hours old and over 100 people are down as going already.

Don't leave it too late, especially as these 'early bird' tickets are ONLY £30!

More information can be found at Beermageddeon's facebook event page. We'll also keep you up to date on our own events page.

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New Album: Kremated

Kremated debut album released

Last Updated 26th September 2012

Blimey, we can't keep these boys out of the news!

After what seems like a long wait (although in reality it hasn't been that long) Kremated's VERY eargerly awaited debut album - Total Warfare is READY!!!!!!

You can order it from their website and it is well worth the pennies. This mob burst into action earlier this year and it looked like they had been together for years. That's is how you make an impact. No pussy footing about, these blokes hit the stage like a bull mastiff hits bacon. 200 miles per hour and HUNGRY!!!!!

They will be opening for Fallen Fate at the Red Lion on 19th October and have a few shows before then. So if you love your thrash delivered the good old fashioned way get in front of these guys whenever you can.

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Website: Kremated

Kremated site goes live

Last Updated 21th September 2012

Yeahhhh!! And now Kremated have their website up and running too.

Check 'em out and get some thrashing done, and don't forgot you can see those scamps supporting Fallen Fate in October.

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Website: The Furious Horde

The Furious Horde website now online

Last Updated 21th September 2012

Check out one of our favourite Symphonic Black Metal acts, The Furious Horde's new website!!

Their next gig is Saturday 3rd November with us lovely people at the Pandemonium Club supporting Stuka Squadron along with Wretched Soul, Rezinwolf and Khthon.

Col. \m/,

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Website:  Malicious

New website promoting UK metal bands.

Last Updated 6th September 2012

The Pandemonium Club's mate Kerry has just let us know she is setting up a new website to help UK metal bands, and it will be up and running soon.

You can find Malicious here.

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Article: Reasons why Local Acts Don't Get Signed

Kremated search for new bassist.

Last Updated 6th September 2012

Kremated are looking for a bassist. If you like your thrash old school, dirty and punky, are very committed and professionally minded, then check them out. This mob have hit the scene like a bull rhino and if you can match their energy and commitment then you'll fit in nicely.

To get in touch with the band, jump on their Facebook page here.

Don't forget, that you'll be able to see Kremated in October, supporting the mighty Fallen Fate.

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Website: Project Alpha

Project Alpha TV

Last Updated 29th August 2012

Project Alpha TV went live just over 2 weeks ago. It has had 6000 hits. Well done Wolfie and Clare. It's a great place to look at interviews from Bloodstock and other Metal events. Have a look and get the latest scoops straight from the bands themselves.

See for yourself here.

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Beermageddeon Interview

DJ Beerman chats with Wolfie from TBFM at inaugural Beermageddeon Festival

Last Updated 28th August 2012

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves when we realise just how many fantastic people we have met through doing P Club. Here are 2 of the finest, Jim Beerman (Top Rock Radio)and Wolfie (from TBFM), having a chat at Beermageddon. Gotta love these guys, their hearts are definitely in the right place and you never get an ounce of rubbish from either of them.

Watch the interview here.

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New Unforeseen Prophecy Single

Unforeseen Prophecy release new single for free download

Last Updated 29th August 2012

Unforeseen Prophecy have released their debut EP 'Without Consequence', and to celebrate, have chosen to give their frst single 'Fractured' away free!

Have a listen to their take on Modern Metal here, and if you like it, treat yourself and see them play live at the next Pandemonium Club gig in October, headlined by the mighty Fallen Fate.

Miss that at your peril!

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Article: Reasons why Local Acts Don't Get Signed

Article: Reasons why Local Acts Don't Get Signed

Last Updated 16th August 2012

For all of you fledgling bands, who want to make it big, read this excellent article. It's important.

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Beermageddon 2012 Sold Out

Debut Beermageddeon Festival is sold out!

Last Updated 16th August 2012

If you didn't get a ticket, you ain't getting in. SOLD OUT. And it's gonna be FAAAAANTASTIC!

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Monument News 2012

Judas Priest guitarist guests on Monument debut EP

Last Updated 8th August 2012

Featuring former members of White Wizzard, Biomechanical and The More I See; British classic heavy metal band MONUMENT unleashed their debut EP 'Rock The Night' on the 6th of August 2012.

Comprising of 5 stunning tracks, fuelled by massive twin guitar attack, catchy hooks and powerful tenor vocals; the title track features a solo guest performance from Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner.

Watch the music lyric video for Fatal Attack here

The band coincide the release of their EP with a special show at Islington's O2 Academy, supporting the acclaimed DIO DISCIPLES. Monument frontman Peter Ellis says "It's true privilege to open for the band of my late, great hero Ronnie James Dio! Bring on the good times!"

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Forever Never News 2012

Forever Never calls it a day.

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

And another quality band calls it a day. Media support is important, but not as important as working hard. If you're in a band and you want to get on then it's important that first and foremost you make sure you practice to the point you're ready EVERY time you go and play. Gig as much as you can, in as many places as you can. Staying in the same area all the time is not good enough if you want to progress. Contact radio stations etc and stay in touch. Loyalty works both ways. Treat the fans and other bands with respect. Band links are vitally important. Again, stay in touch.

If you are LUCKY, then you might catch the eye of someone "important" and then the mags might take notice. You might get checked out by someone who will champion your cause.

Unfortunately for Forever Never, despite doing all the hard work, it didn't work out for them.

But success won't just land on your plate. You might get lucky, but the harder you work the luckier you will get!

You can find more infomation at their facebook page here.

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Wretched Soul Free MP3

Wretched Soul releases free download

Last Updated 29th July 2012

Canterbury's emerging Thrash-meisters, Wretched Soul, have released a free track for download from their debut album, scheduled for release next year.

Currently on tour, and about to appear on the unsigned stage at Bloodstock, you can get a taster of the 'Soul's Thrash forthcoming masterpiece with the track 'Veronica' here.

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Oresta EP 2012

New EP in September for Orestea

Last Updated 27th July 2012

Ey up. There's new Orestea stuff going to be available on September 10th. This band are excellent, I suggest you give them a listen if you don't know their stuff already :D

"We will be releasing our brand new E.P 'This Is An Overture' on September 10th 2012!

"Pre-Order bundles are now available at:

"Everyone who pre-orders the E.P will receive an exclusive Acoustic version of the whole E.P as a digital download, as well as being the first people to see the new music video for our single 'The Game.'

"We can't wait for you all to hear it!

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Martin Walkyier News

Martin Walkyier's Viking Funeral Festival

Last Updated 25th June 2012

Having become severely disillusioned with the current UK metal music scene, world-renowned Pagan lyricist and front-man Martin Walkyier (The Clan Destined, ex-Skyclad & ex-Sabbat) has decided to organise his very own all-day Heathen music festival entitled "Martin Walkyier's Viking Funeral" at the Nottingham Irish Centre for Saturday September the 22nd 2012.

Martin Walkyier is widely accredited as being the proud 'pagan-god-father' of underground British heavy metal; the true inspiration behind Cradle Of Filth and also as the instigator of the Bloodstock Open Air festival. Despite all these truly noble efforts Martin has generally been ignored by the vast majority of Britain's metal music press - a fact which has driven him to abject despair upon numerous occasions.

The way he currently looks at it is that it's far better to go out with a massive bang (!!!) than a with a feeble whimper, so any bands out there who desire to appear at this event should contact him ASAP either via Facebook or

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Beermageddeon 2012

Beermagededdon Festival

Last Updated 21st June 2012

There is a strict 450 limit for this and tickets are going FAST! Buy them now B4 it is too late! 3 days of Metal, Free Camping, Real Bogs, Real Ale, £2 a pint and a Bank Holiday Monday to get home and ease your neck muscles! All this for £30 a ticket!!

For more information, click here

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