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Pandemonium Club News

Site updated

Site updated, including Haerken added to band profile page

Last Updated 1st November 2012

Phew, a few news stories added, plus a couple of new additions.

First appearing at Powermad Festival 2012 and bringing their distinct brand of mythical Death Metal to the masses, Haerken have been added to the P Club's band roster.

We have also added some facebook functionality, to the site. We know how much you love the Pandemonium Club, and now you can show your friends that you like the website by clicking on the 'like' button at the top right of the webpage.

And if you do, we graciously accept your likes, and thank you from the bottom of our Metal hearts!

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Band Page Updated - Anubis and Orestea Added

Site Updated - Silas and Zocalo added to Band Page!

Last Updated 15th October 2012

So, today we've added two bands from the rockier end of the P Club spectrum, and what mighty fine ones they are too!

Hailing from Bromley and Sidcup, Silas bring to the fore a veritable feast of genre fusion and needs to be seen to believed!

Influenced by classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, as well as Southern Metal acts such as Down and Clutch, Zocalo have released their debut album 'Sunrise' this year to adoring fans.

You can find more about these two rocktastic bands over on our Pandemonium Club Band page, and if you're already smitten by Zocalo, you can hear a snippet of a new song posted by Zocalo yesterday.

I certainly am; I've just listened to it four times in a row now...

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Band Page Updated - Anubis and Orestea Added

Site Updated - More bands added to Band Page!

Last Updated 12th October 2012

Crikey, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

That is, unless you're spending time on adding more quality bands onto the Pandemonium Club Band Page!

Adust, Anihilated, Elimination, Pre-Med, The Self Titled, and Warlord UK have all been uploaded, and I've even updated upcoming P Club headliners Stuka Squadron. You can't say fairer than that!

Have a gander over on our Pandemonium Club Band page at these wonderful metal acts!

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Band Page Updated - Anubis and Orestea Added

Site Updated - Inner Fire and Sanity Burns added to Band Page

Last Updated 7th October 2012

What's that? You want more band profiles, you say? Your wish is our command! Two more of the wonderful bands we have had at the Pandemonium Club have been uploaded; Inner Fire and Sanity Burns.

You can find more about these two fantastic Thrash acts on the Pandemonium Club Band page.

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Band Page Updated - Anubis and Orestea Added

Site Updated - Anubis and Orestea added to Band Page

Last Updated 6th October 2012

Even though we have only just come back online here, we are going through the process of adding as many of the bands that have graced the Pandemonium stage as we can.

Take a look at these two exceptional female fronted bands on the Pandemonium Club Band page.

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Stuka Squadron Flyer

November invasion planned by Stuka Squadron

Last Updated 5th October 2012

We're getting reports that the dastardly STUKA SQUADRON will be taking over The Red Lion in Gravesend, Kent on Saturday 3rd November.

Supported by WRETCHED SOUL, KHTHON, REZINWOLF and THE FURIOUS HORDE, if you like your heavy metal to be more of a traditional affair, prepare your ears to be assaulted by your favourite undead band.

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Fallen Fate Flyer

Fallen Fate set to headline Pandemonium Club gig in October

Last Updated 6th July 2012

Waheeeey, we're at it again. We've only gone and booked another gig! Chuffed to announce that the fantastic Fallen Fate will be returning to P Club in October; this time however, it will be as headliners at The Red Lion in Gravesend.

FF have been described, by Onslaught's Sy Keeler, as the future of British Thrash Metal, and anyone who saw 'em supporting Onslaught on their tour last year know just how damned good they are.

So put Friday 19th October in your diaries and come along for some top end thrashing.

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